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Gold Coast child custody investigation by a private investigator, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator. FREE QUOTES. Ex-police and private investigators experienced in child custody dispute investigation.

Child custody investigation on the Gold Coast definitely can be challenging for a private investigator. The coast strip' is a mix of secure high rise, very expensive self contained houses with security and areas where there is evidence of decay. There is a high turn over of tourists and residents in some areas, which sometimes work in our favour. The variations in traffic and housing density between the 'strip' that includes Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, through to Coolangatta and Tweed Heads with the quieter hinterland areas such as around the Hinze dam or Lower Beechmont is amazing. Child custody investigations are can be either surveillance based or factual investigations (interviews, affidavits, locating and preserving evidence).
Where both covert surveillance and factual inquiries are required it is preferable to conduct the surveillance first, to avoid heightened awareness by the subject.
Child custody investigations are usually related to potential threats to the child's safety, breaches of conditions by a parent, exposure of a child to undesirable influences, sometimes drug related concerns or other behaviours.
We understand these concerns, and have experience in assisting people to gather evidence in a form acceptable to a court. We would urge all our clients to not consider doing anything illegal, or which may harm their own standing before the court, no matter how satisfying it may feel at the time; we are aware that at times children are used as a 'weapon' in a conflict between parents, or leverage for a settlement. This may create heightened emotions. A custody battle is about emotions, the court recognises this. Sometimes the investigation may relate to child support, and people avoiding responsibilities; we have experience in this are as well.
Our private investigators know the Gold Coast well. We can provide an unparalleled service using this local knowledge. We have experience in custody dispute investigation. We are aware that the evidence gathered must be in a form usable for court. We often utilise surveillance to gather evidence of breaches. Factual inquiries (the over act of investigating) including talking to people, interviews, taking affidavits and similar actions are often used as part of the evidence for property disputes relating to settlements, which are often linked to child custody disputes.
Child custody disputes can sometimes be an attempt at leverage to gain a better deal, or the child access can be used as 'payback' for a perceived wrong. The court is aware of this, but needs evidence rather than someone saying this is what is happening. We are there to gather the evidence substantiating or denying an allegation. Call us for assistance.
We are Gold Coast private investigators. When you need a Gold Coast Private Investigator or to conduct surveillance on the Gold Coast, contact us for a free quote.